Navnirman College of Nursing
  • Admission for 2023 closes on 15/02/2023
  • 02354–299196
  • At Post: Lovale, Tal: Sangmeshwar, Dist: Ratnagiri 415611

Our Institute is dedicated to providing quality services in health care, education and social welfare to make the society healthy, literate and self-sufficient in all aspects.
We want to heal and comfort the suffering of humanity. We plan on doing so with advanced scientific knowledge and innovative technology.

  • Create leaders, teachers and entrepreneurs in the clinical and public health domain.
  • Provide excellent health service in our community.
  • Gain expertise by working in the real world and caring for patients in hospitals.
  • Practice ethical and moral values in our personal and professional life.
  • Participate in continuing education and research activities and utilize research findings in improving our skills.